Whether you provide your own financial reports or whether we do them for you, the expertise and diligence of our experienced professionals will ensure that your compliance obligations are met to the best standards.

To this end, we offer a large range of services, including:

  • Financial and accounting disclosure, reporting, procedures and accounting services;
  • Management accounting, including budgets and cash flows; and
  • Advice on buying and selling a business.


Taxation is a major expense of any business. Through gaining a complete understanding of a client’s business and taxation profile we are able to create, identify and recommend appropriate, practical tax planning strategies.

Our broad range of taxation services provides you with access to an expert source of information enabling you to minimise your tax exposure.

Our capabilities include the following areas:

  • Taxation advice for companies;
  • Tax matters pertaining to trusts, partnerships and other structures;
  • Taxation services for individuals;
  • Capital Gains Tax;
  • Fringe Benefit Tax;
  • GST; and
  • Consultation on any other tax issues.

Moroney Wray Jackson has developed a personal tax practice, offering technically outstanding, pro-active solutions.

We advise individuals on personal tax planning with the aim of mitigating income tax and capital gains tax. We continue to devote significant resources, both human and technical, to maintaining and enhancing our personal tax services to private clients.

Legislation surrounding issues relating to private individuals, such as tax self-assessment, capital gains tax and tax is constantly changing and becoming more complex.

Our expertise within this area allows us to offer advice on the most recent developments whilst tailoring this to each client’s needs.

Our services include tax planning and tax compliance.


We have a specialist superannuation area which is dedicated to ensuring that a level of service is maintained in our research and technical expertise.

This superannuation area is also responsible for ensuring that our administrative systems operate to efficiently complete the compliance requirements on behalf of self managed superannuation funds.

In additional to this specialised superannuation area, all senior professional staff have a high level of technical and extensive “hands on” experience in all areas of superannuation. This enables us to address the wide range of complex issues facing all superannuation trustees.

We stand ready to assist in establishing and maintaining your own superannuation fund.

For information regarding self managed super funds see the Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Trustee Education program.


At Moroney Wray Jackson we recognise the importance of keeping up to date with the latest services and products available so we can provide you with informed, reliable advice. With online services advancing so quickly in all areas it's time we consider online accounting and how it can help you and your business.

Software such as Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks are keeping accounting services up to date with the rest of the online world.
You have choice – so we can match you to a solution that fits your needs.
Online software enables transactions to be recorded automatically from bank statements, or manually by you anywhere, anytime as you long as you have internet access. Say goodbye to long hours writing out records at the computer or doing the books!

Call our office now to discuss your personal situation and how online services could benefit you.


Our aim is that our clients see us as experienced and accessible business advisors, able to help at moments of change and alleviate the burden.

Whilst ensuring prompt and efficient compliance with your accounting, tax and statutory obligations is often a significant part of our role, we aim to provide you with tailored advice for your unique circumstances.

Our experience of complex Australian, particularly Tasmanian business issues provides us with an unusually wide span of expertise. This is available equally to our smaller and more substantial clients who value our advice and look to us for assistance on a regular basis.

We provide close support, combining knowledge of accounting, tax and business issues which has proved invaluable to clients involved in transactions, business planning and contentious business situations.

Find out how we can help!

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